Best Portable Toilets for Camping

August 2, 2022

Portable toilets are toilets that can be moved around based on your intended use. Despite their various similarities, a portable camping toilet is distinct from a cassette toilet that is permanently mounted on your camper or vehicle. There are many advantages to using a portable camping toilet. 

  • It offers more options for waste disposal because they can be detached from the vehicle.
  • It's less expensive compared to other options in the market.
  • It can be a great back-up toilet, especially if the house toilet has an issue.

The best portable toilets for camping

1. Thetford Porta Potti

These are the best portable toilets for campers. This model makes it to the top of this list because it is preferred by many. It also has many wonderful features, as listed below.

  • It's fully removable from the camper, thus making it easy to move it from one vehicle to another.
  • It has a huge tank size (5.5-gallon waste tank) compared to other camping toilets, including the cassette.
  • It does not require water, thus saving campers the hustle of having to carry water for flushing purposes.
  • It makes the dumping process easy through its swivel arm and cap. The waste can be easily dumped into a waste toilet or public restroom.
  • It has level indicators that indicate the level of waste and freshwater. In this case, it signals when it's full, and campers don't have to worry about the toilet overflowing.
  • It's one of the most pocket-friendly options on the market.
  • It's easy to install as the process does not involve cutting holes to fit the camping vehicle's toilet. You can easily mount it to the floor or place it in the trunk.

2. Camco and Dometic

Both Camcoand Dometic deliver something similar to the Thetford portable toilets. Basedon the individual model you get, the "extras" can vary somewhat, but all the fundamentals remain the same. You will mainly be shopping based on tank capacity and size measurements. Don't forget to examine the height of the toilet seat to get the best size for you.

3. Wrappon Waterless Toilet

Joining the list of spectacular dry flush toilets, the Wrappon Waterless Toilet is almost unrecognizable as a commode. It's basically a green cube looking structure. If it did not have a toilet seat on top, it could be confused for a piece of furniture or a storage cube. For transportation and storage purposes, the Wrappon can be folded. It's also battery-operated. Simply press a button once your business is done, and the device will lock your waste into a bag for easy disposal. This toilet uses a special powder to absorb liquid, manage odor,and make your deposit simple to throw away, just like your regular trash. 

It's worth noting that there's a lot of plastic involved when you have a toilet that seals off any deposit into an individual bag (as this one does). For that reason,eco-conscious campers might choose a more conventional portable toilet, while some brands offer biodegradable bags.

4. VINGLI Upgraded Portable 5.3 Gallon Flushing Camping Toilet

Undeniably,this is the Cadillac of portable camping toilets. With a sturdy build and flush capability, the VINGLI portable camping toilet is a perfect way to respond to the call of nature. The VINGLI toilet has different flush and waste storage tanks, much like the Camco model mentioned above, and is fillable with a standard water hose. The piston-style flush allows for a cleaner bowl than most styles of portable flush toilets. In addition, its wider tank ensures that you can go longer without worrying about the dirty job of cleaning it. Its high-density polyethylene structure ensures you don't have to worry about leakage or odors. However, applying chemicals to the tank will help to freshen it up. Best of all, the convenient carrying handle and a bag to keep your portable toilet compact make this product super portable.

5. Stansport 4B Portable Folding Camp or Travel Toilet

Often,simplicity is always the best. And this compact folding travel toilet might be just the thing if you agree. It's just as simple as it gets: it's nothing more than a toilet seat connected to a bag of waste. But it might always better than heading in the bush. It's available for less than $20. While substitutes are also readily accessible, the setup comes with six replaceable bags. If you don't need it, it folds compact for convenient storage and bears a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

The best portable camping toilets for Vans are easy to use, easy to clean, and affordable. No matter what type of portable camping toilet you end up buying, if you want to retain a pleasant atmosphere in your travel vehicle, boat, or tent area, it is essential to take care of cleanliness. For example, if you leave your toilet for too long without cleaning it, until you actually get around to it, the mess would be much more gnarly. 

Similarly, you may find yourself with an unwanted odor if you fail to use toilet chemicals such as biocides and surfac tants. White vinegar will do the magic! The safest practice is to keep up with cleaning periodically. During the camping period,clean your portable camping toilet as much as necessary and scrub it well between trips. Even though you may be using liner packs, it's a good idea to do your due diligence with some bleach and scrubber. Happy camping!

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