Best Portable Toilets of 2020

August 2, 2022

A portable toilet is one that is almost the same as a traditional toilet, but does not connect to the sewer. It has a tank below it that holds the waste until it is emptied. The best portable toilets have a flusher that is either on top of the toilet or at the bottom to be used by the hand or foot. The holding tank has chemicals that break down the waste in an effort to reduce germs, eliminate bad odors and reduce the amount of toilet paper. 

Types of Portable Toilets

There are many different types of portable toilets. The best portable toilets are the ones that are ideal for your specific need or situation. 

A standard portable toilet is ideal for just about every need. It is a basic toilet without a lot of frills. It provides an enclosed toilet with flusher and toilet paper. They are durable and can be used anywhere as long as the ground is firm and level. 

Luxury portable toilets are perfect for any event or ceremony. They can be customized to fit the needs of the specific event. The basic luxury unit, which is great for outdoor events, such as weddings, include individual wash basins for handwashing, oversized mirrors, vanity space and speakers to pipe in music. Luxury portable toilets are larger than the standard version and come with additional upgrades such as black and marble finish. The added touches inside the toilet make it a great addition to a classy affair. 

Luxury trailers are available based on the size of your event. If you are planning an event with less than 100 people, a trailer that has a men's room on one side and a ladies room on the other is the perfect size. If your event has more guests ,there are larger trailers intended to accommodate more guests so there is not along long waiting to use the facilities.  

Standard and luxury portable toilets also come in wheelchair accessible versions. These models have brighter lighting so it is easier to see. They have slightly inclined ramps and emergency call alarms so all your guests can feel safe while using the portable toilet. These models include handrails to help all those that may need extra assistance while using the facilities. 

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